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Poll finds 78% think government is doing badly on Brexit

Public opinion is moving fiercely against the government and its handling of Brexit, a Sky Data poll has revealed, with more than three quarters of British people (78%) not trusting Theresa May and her cabinet to adequately negotiate and deliver Britain’s exit from the EU27. The figure has increased by 23 percentage points from when the poll was last conducted in March. The survey also found Brexit’s popularity has significantly dropped, with two thirds of the public (65%), including most Leave voters (51%), now thinking leaving the European Union will be actively bad for both the economy and the country overall.

It was also found that a majority (50% to 40%) want a referendum of preference between the deal suggested by the government, a no deal outcome, and remaining in the EU. Asked to choose between those options, 48% would prefer to remain in the EU, 27% would rather leave with no deal, and just 13% would choose the government deal. As these figures were released, Labour peer Lord Mandelson said on Sky News that a referendum on the final terms of Brexit “the only way forward” for Theresa May.

Mandelson, the former Labour minister who is a director of Open Britain, supporters of the People’s Vote campaign for another referendum, told Sky News a return to the polls was “The only way to give democratic legitimacy to the final deal, and to get approval from the public”. He also argued that if May chose to listen to the demand for a second vote, it would help “strengthen her hand against the Brextremists in her own party”.

He added, “If public opinion continues to shift, as the Sky poll has indicated now it is doing, everyone will have to get ready for a people’s vote on the final deal.”

May responded firmly to Mandelson’s call for another vote, saying there will be “no second referendum in any circumstances”.

The Prime Minister’s approval ratings have also fallen through the floor, with 74% of the public now unsatisfied with her performance in the office, up 14 points from March, and  the proportion satisfied is now at 24%, down 17.

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