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Convicted Ex-Trump advisor a ‘good man’ according to President

Shockwaves were sent through the Trump camp yesterday as former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to a number of charges. Paul Manafort’s trial is seen as closely relevant to the ongoing special investigation into foreign interference in the election. Manafort’s charges include bank and tax fraud […]

Analysis: Trade war with Trump could be Erdogan’s undoing

New York City changes scenery as road renamed after Haitian revolutionary


Brexit Finance and Economics UK

UK Economy hit by Declining Car Sales and Manufacturing amid Brexit Uncertainty

According to Rob Kent Smith, head of the Office for National Statistics, “GDP growth slowed going into the autumn after a strong summer with a slowing in service sector growth mainly due to a fall in car sales”. Indeed, according to the ONS’s report, the economy only grew by 0.4% in the past 3 months […]

May Leadership Challenge: Prime Minister Will Fight With Everything She Has

Brexit can be cancelled by Commons Vote or Referendum, rules ECJ

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BREAKING: At least two killed in Strasbourg Shooting

A lone gunman has shot at least two people dead injured 11 others in Strasbourg, eastern France. At around 8pm on Tuesday several shots were fired in the city’s centre near its famous Christmas market, after which the assailant fled through the Grand Rueto to carry out more attacks in other areas of the Alsatian capital. At […]

Brexit can be cancelled by Commons Vote or Referendum, rules ECJ

May’s Brexit Deal Crises Point to the Need for a People’s Vote

Global Politics

UN calls for Myanmar army to face genocide charges

The UN has accused the Burmese military of genocide, the severest charge that can be made against a government. What has previously been described by the UN as ‘textbook ethnic cleansing’ began last year and it is believed some 700,000 Rohingyas have fled the country. The Government refuses to acknowledge the Rohingyas as natural citizens […]

Convicted Ex-Trump advisor a ‘good man’ according to President

Analysis: Trade war with Trump could be Erdogan’s undoing

Vladimir Putin was a guest at the Austrian Foreign Secretary’s Wedding

Culture and Living UK

Education: Stormzy Steps in For the State

World famous Grime artist Stormzy announced this week that he would be sponsoring black British students to attend the University of Cambridge with his very own scholarship programme. The scholarship will be available for two students for both this year and the next. Stormzy’s generosity comes in the wake of figures revealing Cambridge’s derisory record […]

Environment: discussion on what a climate change-d Earth looks like is well overdue

Comment l’équipe de France est devenue la meilleure équipe du monde : les dessous d’une « success story » blanc, blanc, rouge.

Mental Health: Insecurities and their impact on young people

TYE Exclusive: Teenage pill-death epidemic, are the risks taking young people off drugs?

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